Does the amount of waste produced by the tourism industry make you cringe?

Travel and stay the hara way.

Stay at our zero waste properties, see India on one of our community tours, and participate in social justice and environmental action workshops led by young innovators.

We believe that the tourism industry has the power to change the world through mindful decisions that put people and the planet first. 

So, how do we do this zero waste thing?

Our goal is to achieve a minimum of a 90% landfill diversion rate.

How we do this is through implementing a very strategic approach to eliminating waste and use of disposable products and packaging, and influencing locals and travelers to do the same.

We work with local partners invested and passionate about our love for hara to help ensure this happens.

#NoPlastic: We do not purchase products that come in plastic packaging. We provide reusable tote bags to guests to eliminate the need for disposable bags while shopping. Our waste management systems ensures if plastic is unavoidable for certain products, it is put back in the system through closed loop recycling in Bikaner.

Water Consumption: We use grey water to clean our floors and flush our toilets. We collect grey water from our sinks, drains and laundry machine. PLUS with our natural soap, made from Himalayan soap berries, we can use grey water to keep our rooftop garden thriving!

Waste Management: Compost right onsite to help our urban herb garden grow. Bring us waste you collect throughout your travels and recycle onsite. We work with locals to sell all recyclable items, from soft and hard plastic to paper, back to manufacturers to help close the loop.

You'll quickly notice we upcycle just about everything onsite as well, from creating art from cigarette packets, to crafting pillows and fashion items from left over textiles and foam scraps.

Energy Consumption: Our rooftop is solar powered after sunset. We aim to achieve a 100% solar produced guesthouse by 2021 (but preferably sooner!).

#CowPoopPower: Biofuel is all the rage in India, and an exciting opportunity to minimize our carbon footprint. That’s why we’re keeping our tandoor 100% cow poop powered at our Chandasar desert resort (coming soon).

Blending Travel, Community & Social Good

Conscious Travel + Local Communities = Sustainable Connections

Do you believe young people can change the world? We sure do.

That's why 20% of our revenue is invested in youth through our Hara projects. We provide a platform for young voices to take their stance for social justice and environmental action, while providing access to quality and alternative education.

Our Projects

Hara Hub

Hara hub is a safe space for youth ages 8 to 25 to access resources such as laptops and books. We offer workshops and events focused on social justice, English education, environmental action, and arts and culture.

Observe or sign-up for an event or workshop while staying in Bikaner and meet our community of awesome young changemakers!

Women’s Empowerment in Chandasar Village (COMING SOON!)

Our desert property provides economic opportunity to local women and families in Chandasar village. We also provide a platform for female entrepreneurs in the community making organic snacks, ethical fashion and accessories to sell to an international market with access to product visibility onsite.

Learn more about our work