How do you plant the seeds of change?

It takes a village.

Our journey begins with a shy Manoj and an enthusiastic Jazzmine who met working for an NGO in Gajner, a village located 30-kms from where our first Hara House became home in Bikaner. After exchanging languages, cultural traditions and dreams for the future, Manoj and Jazzmine quickly adopted each other as brother and sister.

After 3 years in the community, Manoj and Jazzmine realized their passions for youth empowerment and environmental action. Transforming the hospitality and tourism was the next big adventure they wanted to take on, but what would it look like?

In 2017, the duo developed the concept of a zero waste space investing 20% of profits and 100% of efforts to support economic, social and environmental sustainability in Bikaner.

In 2018, Hara House was born, but not without the help of our community in India and Canada providing resources, funds, hours of commitment to the infrastructure and strategy and a whole lot of love.

Today, Hara House stands as a prime example of what the tourism industry could be.

Our next journey?

Making Hara House a nationwide property chain and tourism organization, leading the industry to make sustainable and impactful change.

See what we're up to in Bikaner and across India!